Meet our participating writers!

Meet our participating writers. We're delighted to be working with this talented group of writers, in English and Chinese. Click the links below to read more.

About the Project

At Wind&Bones, we have a long-standing fascination with Liu Xie’s Wenxin diaolong (文心雕龍), or The Literary Heart and the Carving of Dragons. This extraordinary Chinese treatise on the art of writing offers profound insights into what it means to create with words and images on the page. In this project, we are putting Liu’s ideas to work, to see what they can do for us.

Who are we?

We’re a diverse group of writers, four from China and two from the UK, writing in English and Chinese.

What are we doing?

We’re getting together to explore the Wenxin diaolong as a source of insight into the arts of writing.

What is the Wenxin diaolong?

The Wenxin diaolong is a medieval Chinese text on the art of literature.

Who is funding the project?

We’re grateful to be funded by a British Council Connections Through Culture grant.

What are the project outcomes?

We will produce six new literary works, translated into both Chinese and English.

Can I get involved?

If you are interested in the project, say hello on our contact page